Don’t you feel like our beautiful feline deserves an appreciation post every week? Well, seems like your wish has been granted. Yes, you have read that right! 

To make your day, we have compiled the pictures of best cat photos that have been sent to us. You can scroll down to have a look. 

Meeeooowww 😻

Sent to us by Marcel Lody

“Pay attention to me!” 😂

Sent to us by Shelby Palmer

Ranger has become a little extra attached. His new thing is constantly wanting to be picked up and held.

Sent to us by Amy Elizabeth.

Oliver has to watch TV with me and falls asleep like this every time

Sent to us by Rhiannon Green.

My handsome Fonzie is perfectly imperfect… I wouldn’t have him any other way💚 #crosseyed #afraidofhisshadow #lovehim #earfluff

Sent to us by Annette Salzarulo NatoliBillie Vilko.

Little man after I told him he’s handsome 😍

Sent to us by Holly Hobson.

This is ” Trouble ” and he is a total ham. His name fits him perfectly. He’s just one of our 5 rescues. He loves to eat, putting him on a diet was a trick.
But he’s lost 2 lbs. Since this photo. He loves everyone, and

Sent to us by Jeremy Mechanco.

Geraldine wishes you a beautiful weekend 😸🐈

Sent to us by Christian Pilon

Clarke, Rusty, and Cousin Eddie back to normal!! Let’s hang out by the laundry basket. LOL !! Cheers folks!!

Sent to us by Marcel Landry.

This is Buckwheat. He is 22 years old. I found him just about being run over by a lady in a parking lot. When I yelled for her to stop and she did.
I tried to find an owner without any results. So he became one of our three rescue cats. He is still loving and affectionate even though he is an indoor/outdoor cat. Lately, he would rather be in the house. I will miss him when he goes over the rainbow bridge.

Sent to us by Irene LaBrie Trost

She’s so happy with life! She hates to be picked up but will lay very close to people. She loves boxes & lettuce. She’s an indoor kitty that loves her window perch ❤

Sent to us by Cassi Jai.

Dad says I’m beautifulest girl ❤

Sent to us by Brent William Postlethwaite

Was on the road yesterday to our Florida adventure. A pic from one of the carrier breaks. They were so good! Conway on the left and Bella on the right.

Sent to us by Jennifer Angell-Bolton.

Cooper seems happy 😊

Sent to us by Miriam Kniele

Cuteness 🐯😍

Sent to us by Amber Turrubiate.

Catnip sticks!! Norris went from looking beautiful to looking like a seasoned addict in just a few chews, then spent the next 10 hours sleeping it off 🤦🏼‍♀️ x

Sent to us by Jennifer Saunderson.

Sadie 💖 Says Hello and Happy Caturday Everyone 😽

Sent to us by Darla Schommer

My sweet girl Smokey! 🥰

Sent to us by Christopher Ellis

This is my mate Ferris.

Sent to us by Gareth Lewis.

Its cold tonight..Gabe knows where the warmest place is!!!

Sent to us by Sandra Elliot.