Benedict Cumberbatch Accident Slapped By Cyclist

Benedict Cumberbatch is among one of the most popular and loved actors of modern times. His roles as ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ have brought him the love and adulation of millions of people. However, recent reports have emerged about Cumberbatch being involved in a 2018 accident where he got slapped by an angry cyclist!

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Let us take a closer look at this accident and the events that transpired post the accident where the actor got slapped.

Benedict Cumberbatch Slapped: What Did He Do?

While driving through the streets of Freshwater, the Isle of Wight, the 42-year old actor bumped his car into a 63-year old cyclist by the name of Michael Lawrence and knocked him off. Lawrence alleges that Cumberbatch caught his arm during the collision. After the fall, Lawrence got up and slapped Cumberbatch right across the face.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Slapped By Cyclist Isle of Wight
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People close to Lawrence say that Cumberbatch was lucky that he only got slapped and not punched. Reportedly, the Sherlock-star, in his version of events, points out that Lawrence was driving in the middle of the road during the time of the collision.

What Happened After the Accident?

Benedict Cumberbatch later offered the man water and clothing to clean up the blood, and then gave him a lift to the nearest medical facility. The two men even exchanged numbers. Reports point out that Cumberbatch has reported the incident to a police station but has not pressed charges.

Benedict Cumberbatch Slapped By Cyclist Michael Lawrence
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Interestingly, Lawrence claims that he was hit by a Lamborghini Urus 4×4. Benedict Cumberbatch’s representatives have denied that the actor does not own any such car.