Julia Budd vs Olga Rubin Bellator Fight

Julia Budd vs Olga Rubin was among one of the key matches of Bellator 224 which a lot of people were looking forward to. The two women have been known to be fierce competitors and them facing each other was quite an anticipated fight.

The match, interestingly, ended in just one round as Budd scored an easy victory over her opponent Rubin.

Bellator 224 Julia Budd vs Olga Rubin Fight
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Let us take a closer look at this match and see what happened.

Julia Budd vs Olga Rubin: What Went Down at Bellator 224?

When it comes to this match, it started off with Budd, the more experienced of the two, kicking Rubin straight in the head. The kick connected well and it looked rather nasty but Budd had more in mind – she then went forward to hit another kick to the gut of Rubin, which looked equally menacing. Following that Budd started punching Rubin taking her all the way back to the fences.

Bellator 224 Julia Budd vs Olga Rubin
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The match between Julia Budd vs Olga Rubin ended in a Technical Knock Out (TKO) after Budd’s knee connected to Rubin’s midsection. Rubin couldn’t take it anymore and fell to the mat following which the referee announced Budd to be the winner.

Olga Rubin Faces Her First-Ever Loss

Julia Budd vs Olga Rubin Result Bellator 224
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This was the first time that the Russian ever lost. Her record before this fight was 6 wins and 0 losses, but unfortunately, Julia Budd vs Olga Rubin has now added a loss to her undefeated career. Julia Budd is now on an impressive winning streak, having won 11 consecutive matches. She has also successfully defended her championship three times in a row!