William (Bill) K. Coors who was an American brewing industry pioneer and Adolph Coors’ former chairman died on Saturday at his home. He was 102 years old. The news was confirmed by Molson Coors in a statement that was published on Saturday.

In 1939, Bill Coors started working in the brewing company of his grandfather Adolph. After twenty years, he became the chairman of the company. He developed and created the aluminium can which is a key milestone for the industry of beer during his time as chairman. He was the man behind the revolutionizing the entire beer industry.

It wasn’t an easy task for Bill Coors. He had to face a lot of resistance from the companies that were not willing to adapt changes. Even the aluminium industry showed resistance. But Bill wasn’t a man who would not give up easily on his ideas. He persisted and brought a major change in the beer industry.

Bill often said,

 Would the aluminium can have ever arrived without me? Of course, its advent was inevitable. All I did was hurry it along.

Mark Hunter, the CEO and President of Molson Coors, said,

His dedication, hard work and ingenuity, helped shape not only our company but the entire beer industry.

In the sixty five years that he spent with the company, Bill Coors saw the growth of the company from a regional brewer to one of the biggest American beer brands. The National Beer Wholesalers Association has reported that Miller Coors, which is the brand behind Blue Moon, Miller Lite and Coors Light, holds 24% of the US beer market share, only after Anheuser-Busch which is the largest stake holder.

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Bill Coors has already told the company that there should be no formal memorial ceremonies after he passes away. Bill Coors is survived by 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Source: usatoday, drinksbulletin