Comet Neowise, which was discovered in March will be visible to us without any telescope or other instruments. Astronomers are saying that one can watch the Neowise comet for the entire month of July in the night sky.

It was earlier known as C/2020 F3 and was first discovered by the NEOWISE space telescope on March 27 and hence the name Neowise comet was given to it. It is expected to reach the closest point to Earth on July 23 and people living in the UK can watch it from their naked eye at night in the north-east sky from any place in the country.

Comet Neowise will be Visible without any Telescope

Neowise comet won’t be as bright as the Hale-Bopp comet but can really see it shining after wearing binoculars. The comet has already survived reaching near the Sun on July 3, which most of the comets can’t manage, similar to the ATLAS comet which broke down recently.

Neowise comet will come as close as 64 million miles to Earth which is about 400 times the distance between us and moon. The comet will become bigger and brighter as it gets closer to Earth and can be viewed easily shining in the northern hemisphere sky at night without any telescope.

Best Time and Place to View the Comet

The best place to watch the Neowise comet is from anywhere in the UK at 2:30 BST in the north-east sky, it will be better to stay as late as possible to enjoy the shining bright tail of the comet. It will remain visible throughout the month of July and then move down to the Ursa Major constellation. The tail of the Neowise comet will be brightened to magnitude 1, which means it will be visible to the naked eye. Neowise comet can also be viewed before sunset and after sunrise, which means you don’t have to stay awake till the middle of the night.