Dogs are simply awesome. Having a dog means that none of your days will go lonely or sad because your furry friend won’t let that happen. He will always be with you, making you feel good and cheering you up. No matter what you are thinking or how you are feeling, your dog will always come running to you and give a shoulder to feel safe and secure. Basically, everyone should have a pup. 

To show how great it is to have a furry friend, the popular dog food company Pedigree has started a campaign where it shows the paw-sitive sides of having dogs. You can scroll down to see how a dog can change the life of a person. 

Because dog=good and more dogs=better. So go on and adopt as much as pup as you can.

When your kids leave home, replace them

Pedigree is urging people to adopt more dogs not because it wants to sell its dog food. It’s simply because having a dog will help you to stay healthy and fit. It has been seen that people who have dogs are less likely to become depressed or sad. 

HelpGuide explains that when a person plays with dogs or cats, he starts feeling better. But if you want to stay fit, you should take your pet out. You can’t just go on feeding him and expect to be in shape. That’s just not possible. 

A dog makes your life happier. Adopt

Having a pet not just makes your life better and happy but also makes you more social. When you have a dog, you naturally start talking to more people and your social circle gets increased.

A dog changes the way you think about someone

Also, when you have a pet, you get a routine. It’s because your pet needs it. He needs food, walks, and exercise at the same time every day. So pretty much that becomes your routine too. And the best thing- you get a partner with whom you can watch your favorite TV show on Netflix and chill under a warm blanket together.

Company for the rest of the year. Adopt

The sad thing is that most of the senior citizens only get family visits on some kind of occasion. And it is not good. That’s why we want them to adopt an adorable and cute pup so that they can be in companionship all the rest of the year, all the time.

Get adopted

No one misses you as much as your dog