A Battlefield mobile for iOS and Android users hasn’t even remotely been hinted by EA. However, considering the recent success of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, it only makes sense for EA to port one of their most famous games to the mobile audience and join the party.

Recently launched Battlefield 1 has impressed both console and pc games with its large and massive open and interactive maps.

EA has already launched a mobile version called Battlefield: Bad Company 2 which had a very satisfying and gripping single-player mode. The story had 14 mission with convincing set pieces and dialogues.

Battlefield Mobile 1

Bad Company 2 also featured a multiplayer with a maximum of 4 players on a small map and no vehicle movement. EA was able to launch this game in 2010 which was quite the feat.


In 2014 Frostbite Stockholm was able to port some ports of Battlefield on mobile or more specifically, just the iOS. This was not a complete map or mission but a part which is itself was quite an achievement.

The device Frostbite used at that time of their testing was an iPad Air 2 as shown in the images released.

Battlefield Mobile for iOS and Android Rumors

Future of Battlefield mobile

More than 4 years have passed and we have made quite an advancement in mobile hardware, which when combined with highly efficient software might run a ported version of Battlefield.

Do we need a Battlefield Mobile?

It should be noted that Bluehole and Epic games already have ported their games to iOS and Android platforms. There are some titles in the mobile market that already serves what Battlefield is known for.

Blitz Brigade is a game by mobile game developer Gameloft which was released in 2013 has all the team based features like open levels, capture the flag objectives and ability to use vehicles. It might not provide the sheer vastness of Battlefield but has all the essential features of Battlefield.

Battlefield Mobile

Another game called World of Tanks is one of the best port of popular PC multiplayer hit with all essential features being ported to the mobile version.

Battlefield Mobile: Final thoughts

With the arrival of some of the best pc to mobile ports like PUBG, it is possible for a Battlefield title to be launched on the mobile platform. It remains to be seen though, whether EA will decide to cater to the iOS and Android gamer base or not.