Whether we accept it or deny it but the way we look has a huge impact on how people treat us. It’s called the halo effect and it’s happening everywhere. This effect makes us believe that attractive people are better at everything. Thus, we treat them differently. Actually, we treat them better. 

A TikToker Cassidy Lane, aka Body_positive_bartender, has posted a viral TikTok video on the same thing. Through her video, she is telling everyone how the attitude of customers changed after seeing that she has gained weight. 

“People don’t even look you in the eye anymore,” she shared. “And then suddenly I checked my TickTock a few hours later and it was already at 500K. But the reason it went viral I think, was because so many people related to it,” she said.

“There were so many people in the comments saying that the same thing happened to them and it was good to hear that they weren’t crazy and it was happening to other people. Which is a little sad. But shared experiences are such a strong form of connection that I can understand why they went viral. It did leave me feeling a little vulnerable that 6 million people have watched me cry on the Internet.”

You can watch Cassidy’s full candid and emotional TikTok video right here

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The video creator pointed out that the shift in how customers treated her was very sudden and drastic

Here’s what some internet users said after they watched Cassidy’s video about how people treat you differently based on your looks