Barcelona vs Lyon Predictions

Barcelona vs Lyon is among one of the most exciting football clashes of 2019. On one hand there is an established giant which Barcelona is – and on the other hand, there is Lyon – which has been quite impressive of late. Lyon is not a formidable opponent for Barcelona, but the team’s recent form clearly proves that they are not to be taken lightly!

This is one of the most exciting match-ups of the football season, coming right off the heels of Manchester United vs Chelsea. Let us take a closer look at this UEFA Champions League clash between Barcelona vs Lyon. Here, we explore the predictions for the match, the betting odds and the start time and what channel or streaming service to watch it on.

Barcelona vs Lyon Match Prediction
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Barcelona vs Lyon Predictions

The two teams square off in the round of 16, where Barcelona is a heavy favourite to win. While their last outing in the La Liga didn’t really work out in their favour, Barcelona is quite likely to get the win here. The betting odds for Barcelona vs Lyon are in Barcelona’s favour even though this is an away game. The presence of Lionel Messi adds a huge psychological advantage against the opponents.

Barcelona vs Lyon Betting odds
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Lyon, on the other hand, is not the favourite to win – but the team has proven its mantle in the past. Earlier, Lyon beat Manchester City in an upset victory. However, if Lyon plays it conservatively against the Barca attack – they have a good chance of holding the fort. Barcelona is known for its aggressive play. However, Lyon has the home advantage here.

Barcelona vs Lyon Betting Odds

Talking of the Barcelona vs Lyon betting odds, CBSSports reveals that the odds are currently stacked in the favour of Barcelona. Currently, the odds stand at: Barcelona -135 / Lyon +360 / Draw +280.

Barcelona vs Lyon Watch Online
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The odds clearly indicate Barca’s advantage against Lyon. However, odds in sports tend to be quite unreliable because twice in the past two days have odds been proven wrong. In UFC, Cain Velasquez lost to Ngannou in a matter of seconds despite odds being heavily stacked in his favour. Furthermore, in football – Chelsea, which was a favourite to win yesterday’s match, lost out to Manchester United. It would be interesting to see if the odds are true for this Barcelona vs Lyon encounter.

Barcelona vs Lyon Start Time and Channel

The match starts off at 3 PM ET (8 PM GMT) on Tuesday, the 19th of February. Viewers watching in the US can watch this match on Univision and TNT. Viewers watching from the UK can tune in to BT Sports to watch this epic encounter between Barcelona vs Lyon. Here’s a map which will help the viewers in each region around the world know the time when the match will air.

Barcaelona vs Lyon Match Time
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Barcelona vs Lyon How to Watch Online

FuboTV is one of the best options to watch Barcelona vs Lyon online. In order to watch online, you would need an account on the service. However, for those who do not want to purchase a subscription, FuboTV is also offering free trials. Moreover, in certain regions such as Brazil and Latin America, Facebook would be broadcasting the match on its social media platform!

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