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Barcelona FC are not doing that great in the Premier League despite being one of the biggest names in the football clubs. Lionel Messi has recently gotten injured in his right calf and might miss out the next US tour. Neymar Jr. is eyed as the potential replacement but it is not sure whether the Paris Saint-German (PSG) club will sell him easily.

Barca needs to make major changes in their roster to make space for new deals. Here are the rumored Barcelona transfers for Philippe Coutinho, Samuel Utiti and Ousmane Dembele to other clubs.

Philippe Coutinho

Barcelona Transfer Rumors Philippe Coutinho

Phillipe Coutinho, one of the best-attacking midfielder from the team of Barcelona is apparently garnering a lot of interest in football transfer circles. Clubs such as Man United and Arsenal have been linked to Coutinho and nothing is confirmed yet confirmed for the Brazilian winger. Arsenal are considered the top contenders to land Coutinho and there are rumors about Barcelona loaning him for a two-year deal.

Samuel Umtiti

Barcelona Transfer Rumors Samuel Umtiti

Samuel Umtiti is also among the Barca players who have been receiving a lot of offers from teams such as Man United and PSG. The 25-year-old center-back himself wants to move out of Barcelona and a transfer can be soon made official. Man United have already signed Harry Maguire and it would be a smart move to sign Utiti next as it would complete their team formation. Barcelona has no intent to hold Utiti and could send him soon to the Manchester football club.

Ousmane Dembele

Barcelona Transfer Rumors Ousmane Dembele

Bayern Munich are very much interested in Ousmane Dembele as they have offered Barcelona David Alaba plus cash offer for their winger. Even though Barca heads have declined their offer, Bayern Munich are confident to land Dembele. Since the Neymar Jr. deal looks quite difficult, Barcelona doesn’t want to lose Dembele from their formation. If Barcelona somehow manages to complete the Neymar Jr. deal, then Dembele can easily be transferred to the German football club.