Bad Blood season 2 release date Netflix

After waiting for long, the fans will finally get to see the second season of Bad Blood. Netflix had already confirmed the second season of the show. The streaming service teased another turn of events and intense twist in a Twitter post.

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The official Twitter account recently unveiled a poster for Season 2 of Bad Blood. The poster features Declan with an alcoholic drink sitting like a king. The post said,

Old World, #NewBlood. Get ready, gangsters. Season 2 of Bad Blood starring @KimFCoates and featuring a deadly new cast of criminals launches May 31st on @Netflix.

Netflix Reel Good season 2 release date
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There was a hint that some new cast members will also join the show in the upcoming season. The second season was made available to the Canadian fans in September itself. Season 1 is available on Netflix since December and if you haven’t seen it yet, you can binge watch it now.

Nataline Rodrigues, the television executive, said the show’s return was only made possible due to people’s talent. The overwhelming response from the audience forced them to return for another season. Rodrigues explained that they already have eight new scripts. The viewers can expect more high quality original drama in the upcoming season.

Netflix Reel Good season 2 release date
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Netflix has the international distribution rights of the show. The show will continue with the story of Vito Rizzuto who is the Montreal Mafia boss, five years after his death. The Italian Mafiosi and the Montreal drug trade will be led by a new leader.

Declan will reign as the Montreal drug trade’s new king. He was the former right-hand man of Rizzuto. The fans will get to witness a new mafiosos breed which will lead to a war.