Photoshop has become an essential tool that alters lighting and edits any errors. But did you know it can also put a smile on anyone’s face, like babies?

Newborn photography shoots have become pretty mainstream for parents these days.

This is what most parents envision when they book a newborn photography shoot.

But Amy decided to photoshop full sets of teeth on to her some of her tiny clients, and the jury is still out on whether this is cute or a little freaky.

I am… speechless.

These hilarious photos didn’t need much to get the internet’s attention.

“I’m screaming laughing!” one Facebook user said on the post.

Amy made sure to get parental approval before sharing the photos with the world.

The hilarious images of these babies and their tiny teeth even made national news.

Online, people had some mixed reactions to the photos.

“Thank God babies DONT have teeth!!” one Facebook user said on Amy’s post. Imagine if babies were born with teeth? Breastfeeding would be a whole other challenge…

And despite how cute these babies are, they did manage to scare a few people.

“…this is partially my worst nightmare,” another Facebook user said. I won’t lie, the photos are a little creepy.

However, a lot of people couldn’t get enough of them.

These surprising photos made a lot of people laugh.

“Love them all, what a way to make someone laugh,” said one Facebook user.

Babies and teeth… who would have guessed that was the secret to making viral pictures?

So, what do you think?

One thing’s for sure: These photos definitely brought a lot of smiles to people online.