Have you seen anything so beautiful ever before? A dog, four baby bunnies, and a bird living in a house together? Wonder what it looks like to see this scene every single day? Scroll down to see the fun these cute creatures have together.

Bailey is a beautiful Golden Retriever who is playing the role of a mother to four bunnies and a love bird.

Don’t worry about the size difference.

You can see, this bunny is literally under Bailey. In fact, this one likes to be around her most of the time. Don’t worry, the bunny will not get squashed under her as there is too much fluffiness here.

Bailey does not move much when the bunnies are around. They hop on her, cuddle with her and she just does not move and watch them with such gentle looks.

One viewer commented,

“Why didn’t any of us turn out as big as mommy?”

A video was shared on YouTube recently but has over 7.5 million views already. Animal videos are so adorable that no one can avoid them anyway.

Like one viewer says,

“No clue how this got on my recommended but I’m not complaining.”
There is no love that is greater than an animals love. We are sure you wouldn’t mind spending a day in bed with Bailey and her friends.

Wonder if Bailey can differentiate between those four bunnies?

Oh the bird, right.

Bailey looks like a tired mother watching over her babies.

Watching this scene as you walk into a room, what would you want to do first? Give a hug to Bailey or catch the bunnies as they hop on the bed?

Bailey, bunnies, bird. You know you want to watch the video below. Guarantee you a smile by the end of it!