Candid pictures are not always the best.

We love taking candid pictures, don’t we? More than candid pictures, we love posing in a way that it looks candid when it is really not. And we do this because we don’t want a picture where we are making weird expressions and showing our double chin. In short, we just don’t want anyone to see our bad picture side. 

Even though we can manage to look good in our candid pictures, our furry friends have not mastered this art yet. As they are so pure and innocent, they don’t know how to pose for a candid picture. And the results are really hilarious. If you also want to see how funny a dog can manage to look in a picture, just keep scrolling.

#1 All I can say is that it is a beautiful angle.

#2 ‘When did I start to look so handsome?’

#3 Are we sure it’s not a stuffed toy?

#4 This is what happens when you don’t know how to swim.

#5 And then you get scared by looking at your face.

When you accidentally open the front-facing camera on your phone.

#6 ‘Can I get out now?’

I guess I just live in the laundry basket now.

#7 When you know you’ve messed up.

#8 ‘Does my hooman need some feet licking?’

#9 I’m almost there.

My aunt’s dog finally got her tail.

#10 Tails are not food.

#11 So much better than a boring landscape picture.

I think your dog might need to be reset.

#12 The form and the smile are just perfect.

#13 ‘What did you say? You wanna mess with me?’

She looks at you like this while you eat.

#14 Caught red-handed.

#15 Who needs water and soap when you’ve got a dog?

My aunt’s dog is a window licker.

#16 This is one heck of a derpy face if I’ve ever seen one.

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