The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is going to hit cinema halls on April the 23rd. As we are coming close to the release of the movie, many theories are coming forward.

The curiosity of the viewers is getting intrigued day by day. As per the trailer, Tony Stark aka Iron Man is in a ship in some galaxy. Other Avengers are shown planning to get back at Thanos.

Doctor Strange in the previous movie said,

Out of 14,000,605 outcomes we would only succeed in one.

This means that one outcome will be having focus in this movie. Russo brothers who are directing this movie and were also the director in both Infinity movies will shock the viewers.

Doctor Strange composed number of possible solutions in which they won in only one. 'Avengers: Endgame' New Theory Evolved
The character of Ant-Man returning into the trailer raised many confusions. Credits: Screen Rant

But, there will be a happy ending to the movie but sacrifices will be given. This means we expect a happy ending but not for all the characters.

The Stark Theory

CaptainSpaceWolf13 a Reddit user comments that Iron Man will die in the movie. This fact is plausible as the contract of Robert Downey Jr. with Marvel is to end this year.

But Robert/Iron Man dying is sad for the viewers. He has been working with Marvel for a decade and hence his legacy needs to be passed on.

The trailer has raised concerns for viewers who love Iron-Man/Tony Stark. 'Avengers: Endgame' New Theory Evolved
Tony Stark got abandoned with a ship in some galaxy where he thinks he could never return. Credits: BGR

So Marvel has decided a trick by which he will tag along. Tony will be transferring his consciousness to an Artificial Intelligence. This AI will power the Spider-Man Suit.

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Future of Avengers

When Tony will be an AI, he will be helping Spider-Man by becoming his Godfather. Tony will also help the other Avengers all along in the future upcoming too.

This way Tony will not only be present for the viewers but also will be assisting the Avengers all the way. Spider-Man: Far From Home which will release after the Avengers: End Game needs to have a connection between the two.

This connection will be Tony Stark as an AI. This way Robert will remain in the movie as a mentor and father figure to Spider-Man while being an important member of the Marvel movie series.