Audi with its launch of e-tron GT and virtual reality game might have ruined the plot twist. After the trailer got released, it is still creating confusion about the ending of the Avengers Endgame.

Whenever a company is closely related to work then leaks like these slip away. But the main point to think is that how did Marvel and Disney let this happen.

The CES 2019,Audi showcased it VR experience 'Rocket's Rescue Run' in collaboration with Marvel
Audi e-tron advertisement for the VR. Credits : BGR

In an video, the Audi E-tron is being driven by Tony Stark in a scene of the movie. Now this has created a confusion that whether he is driving the vehicle in the past or he came back to earth somehow and is driving the car.

This has created more curiosity for the movie and the predicting the end of the movie can be made plausible.

Avengers Link to Audi E-Tron

At CES 2019, Audi announced that it is partnering up Marvel to innovate a virtual reality. This is a back seat experience and it is named as

Marvel’s Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run

In this experience, after wearing the VR glasses and sitting in the backseat of Audi E-tron the excitement begins. Now the Audi e-tron in virtual is converted into a ship and is in space. You have Rocket Raccoon with yourself in the in the game.

However the car behaves in reality the same happens to the ship in virtual reality. When the car accelerates so does the ship and same happens when the car takes a turn.

In a preview given by The Verge, it confirmed that at the end of this short experience Rocket saves Iron Man.

It is hard to believe that how did such a big conglomerate let this leak slip by. Both did knew that at CES 2019 the ‘Rocket’s Rescue Run’ would be showcased. It also makes sense that Rocket is only qualified enough to save Tony from the abyss.

Source: BGR and The Verge

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