Avengers Endgame Leaked footage

Marvel recently shared a twenty minutes footage from Avengers Endgame for chosen few members of the media in South Korea. The footage gave several detailed spoilers about the movie.

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A detailed post on Reddit claims to have inside information about the footage shown. On Saturday, no specific details were given and words such as ‘tearjerker’ and ‘mindblowing’ were used to describe the footage.

Avengers Endgame Leaked footage

Avengers Endgame leaked footage synopsis and spoilers

But the new Reddit post gives a detailed version of what was shown. This is not the first time that Marvel showed the footage. It has shown the same footage at different events. Earlier, a screening was also held for test audiences in the US. The redditor gave full details about how the Avenger Endgame leaked footage begins. He wrote,

The movie opens to the harsh continuous beep of an emergency broadcast over the Marvel Studios logo.

After that, the scene moves to the farm of Clint Barton where he is giving archery lessons to his daughter. Clint turns around for a moment only to find out later that his daughter has gone missing. We also saw this in the trailer. This indicates that Clint’s daughter has been lost in the Decimation.

But it didn’t stop there, his sons also turned to ash, followed by Clint’s wife. The movie gets emotional as Wakanda mourn the loss of their loved ones. The remaining Avengers gather in the lab. The leaked footage also features a dream sequence where Tony Stark imagines that he is getting married to Pepper Potts. But sadly, before Pepper gets to say ‘I do’, she is turned into dust.

The leaked Avengers Endgame footage has already generated a lot of excitement among the fans. The creators are also confident about the movie.