Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Incredible Hulk in Marvel Cinematic Universe, was forced to shoot five different endings for Avengers Endgame, in an attempt by filmmakers to avoid any spoiler reveal by Ruffalo.

Does Captain America get married?

Last year, Mark got in trouble with the studio when he ended up leaking the end of Avengers Infinity War. To avoid the same fate for the much-hyped Avengers Endgame, the studio went the extra mile and made him shoot five climaxes, many of which involved dummy scenes.

In an interview with an entertainment channel, Ruffalo said that he ended up with an entirely different script that had dummy scenes in it. “I didn’t even get the whole script. I don’t know why,” he added. Oh, Mark, we think you know why.

In a hilarious turn of events, Mark Ruffalo revealed that in one of the dummy scenes for Avengers Ending, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America is getting married. Now that is something we would all like to see, almost as much as Thanos’ defeat.

Evans takes Ruffalo for a spin

The Hulk actor was accompanied by Chris Evans and Karen Gillan in the interview, who plays Captain America and Nebula in the films, respectively. Reminiscing about the time Ruffalo spoiled Avenger Infinity War ending for fans, Evans called him a “real liability”.

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When he asked why, Evans launched into a friendly tirade, saying,

“Because you have zero cred (credibility). You have earned no trust in the Marvel universe. You, like, leak like a bodily function.” Ouch. Easy there, Cap.

The last film called Avengers Endgame is the culmination of the 22 film saga and is set to release on April 26 worldwide.