Avengers Endgame and X-Men Crossover is unlikely, here’s why

Avengers Endgame is just around the corner and fans can’t wait for the movie to finally answer their queries. But, somehow an X-Men factor has also been inserted into this equation. Let’s look at what it is about below.

Avengers Endgame X-Men

How does Disney’s acquisition change Avengers Endgame?

Disney has already acquired 20th Century Fox and their licenses. A lot of fans are concerned that Marvel is also going to capitalize on those toys. And now, fans are hoping for an X-Men movie which will be faithful to the details in the comics. There was a deal which was finalized a couple of weeks ago. And now, Marvel fans are expecting an X-Men post credits scene in Avengers Endgame.

X-Men Avengers

Is it a good idea to include an X-Men post credit scene?

It might not really be a great idea at this time. Because Marvel studios has been in the top spot up in the game until now. They did not achieve this spot by squeezing in characters and references in a rush. Marvel studios has always taken their time to plant their seeds with patience. It generally plants a shot here and creates a connection to another shot in some other movie/scene. And later on, that connection establishes something special for the fans. Hence, that is what gives the characters and their worlds, an organic feel.

So, if Avengers Endgame tries to include an X-Men post-credit scene, it would take away Marvel’s originality. And hence, there should be a break on it for the time being.