Upcoming Audi cars to take on BMW and Mercedes

People who keep tabs on tech industry are well aware that Audi is currently working on a new Sportback car RS7. The RS7 Sportback will go toe to toe with the BMW M5 as well as the Mercedes E63 AMG.

The all-new Sportback will be boasting more than 600 horsepower from a 4.0-litre V8 twin turbo engine which it shares with Porsche Panamera. Nevertheless, there are some rumours which have pointed out a hybrid drivetrain which it borrowed from the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

Wagon lovers rejoice!

Audi’s forthcoming wagon segment cars

An insider has also noted that Audi has informed the next-generation RS7 that is going to be joined by a practical sibling, the RS6 Avant.

The source has also spoken to two of the Executives of Audi USA. The Executives have reportedly confirmed that both of the car RS6, as well as the A6 Avant models, are going to be sold in the market of the US by 2020.

If the information is precise, people’s prayers of getting their hands on a fast Audi wagon in the United States is finally going to be answered.

Next Audi RS6 Avant Might Not Have More Horsepower

Both the Avants of A6 and RS6 are now expected to arrive the following year in the year 2020. The car is likely going alongside the new RS7. The two of the previous generations of the RS6 Avant has never been offered in the market of the United States.

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Americans Prefer SUV over Wagons

Audi RS6 Avant featured image

The buyers from America usually prefer Sports Utility Vehicles to wagons, Given that the wagon segment have reportedly enjoyed a lot of success in the year 2018. Nevertheless, BMW didn’t build a wagon since its M5 wagon of 2010, and it was released only in Europe.

Mercedes is currently building a wagon version of the E63 AMG for the United States market.

Source: CarBuzz, The Drive