AT&T 5G Speed test

AT&T showcased its 5G technology to CNET at the Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles. AT&T is the third cellular carrier in the US to showcase their 5G capabilities to the masses.

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First came the Verizon with its 5G tech preview in April followed by Verizon which flexed on its 5G speeds in selected cities. 5G is the next-gen cellular technology as it has bandwidth support that will allow faster data transfers while maintaining low latency.

How fast is AT&T 5G?

Patrick Hollard from CNET used a Samsung Galaxy S10 the first phone with the integrated 5G modem to test out the real world experience on AT&T’s 5G network.

AT&T showcased its 5G technology to CNET
Credits: CNET

As per the report, he got blazing fast speed on the network. He managed to downloads a lot of movies in mere seconds.

As for the stats, the 5G network clocked a consistent speed over 1Gbps and peaked at 1.7Gbps which is six times faster than the average Wi-Fi connection.

CNET ran a total of 12 benchmarking tests using the Ookla speed testing app and 8 out of 12 tests got 1.4 Gbps while the rest of them got 1.3 Gbps.

The top speed was 1.782 Gbps which is a lot faster than the top speed of 1.3 Gbps on Verizon’s 5G network in Chicago.

How well AT&T’s 5G network fares in real-world terms?

Patrick managed to download the PUBG Mobile in 1 minute 27 seconds which is astounding considering the fact that it is 1.96GB of data.

Speedtest 5G for AT&T

He downloaded the first season of Blue Planet 2, a six-hour long video file in 17 seconds and four episodes of The Swamp Thing in mere 52 seconds.

Future of 5G and it’s effects on the Internet

When companies like Google and Microsoft announced their cloud gaming projects many questioned the viability on the basis of the bandwidth limitations.

Cloud Gaming

5G network of AT&T managed to transfer data at blazing fast speeds while maintaining the low latency.

AT&T appealed to the developers and business by showcasing its 5G tech as it could help in realizing the dream of cloud gaming.