Ashes of Stephen Hillenburg is scattered at the sea

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Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob SquarePants’ late creator’s ashes have reportedly been scattered at sea. TMZ has recently obtained the death certificate of Stephen Hillenburg.

Source: dailymail

TMZ also revealed that the late creator of SpongeBob SquarePants had been scattered across 500 yards from the coast of the city California after Hillenburg’s body was allegedly cremated. The official cause of death of Hillenburg was due to cardiopulmonary failure because of ALS which is other called Lou Gehrig.

Stephen Hillenburg, the beloved creator of Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants, died on 26th of November at 57 years of age. Hillenburg wrote, conceived, directed and produced the cartoon series which began in the year 199 and move up to over a hundred episodes along with a Broadway debut and movies.

Source: dailymail

The network revealed in a Tweet that they are deeply saddened about the fact that Stephen Hillenburg has passed away. And they have brought in a moment of silence to honour the work as well as the life of Hillenburg. The veteran of TV has announced in 2017 in March that he has been diagnosed with a disease called Lou Gehrig.

Lou Gehrig is a disease which is also known as ALS. The progressive illness which attacks the nerve cells which controls the muscle and apparently there is no cure to treat the disease. Back then Hillenburg said to Variety that he is going to continue working on SpongeBob Square pants and in the meantime, he will continue pursuing other passions of his as long as he can.

Source: dailymail

The death of Hillenburg came right after the passing of another cartoon hero, the creator of Marvel Universe Stan Lee. When Hillenburg was a kid, he liked exploring the tide pools and brought home the things that must have been left there and which furthermore ends up dying or smell bad. Hillenburg said to the Washington Post back in an interview back in 2001 that he is a complete ocean freak.

Source: dailymail

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