Have you ever read Robert Frost’s poetry “The Road Not Taken”? If yes, you would be curious to know what would happen if we choose the road less traveled? It’s not just you but it’s a natural human tendency. What happens is when we decide something, we still think about the other choice that we have not made. 

That’s why Ademar Vieira from Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil is here. He is a talented artist and creator of the illustration series “The Choice”. In this series, he has tried to show his audience how even a small incident can change anyone’s life. 

In this post, the artist has tried to show by juxtaposing and illustrating whether to have a dog or not. “I dedicate it to all the animals that contribute to our mental health during the quarantine.”

“I started making the strips unpretentiously. It was just a way to exorcise my demons during a very difficult phase that I was going through in early 2020. And when I posted, I realized that many people identified with them themselves. I received good feedback. And then, I continued to expose the things I was feeling and the audience got bigger. When I recovered from the bad phase, we were in the coronavirus pandemic. This means everyone was going through a bad phase. So, I continued to explore the problems people around the world we’re going through. Now I have used the strips to express my opinions on some issues that I consider relevant, whether personal, social, or political.”

“I couldn’t believe it when a comic strip of mine went viral in Latin America in June this year. I received 100 thousand likes and gained 20 thousand followers in one week. Famous people and profiles came to talk to me and congratulate me and that left me in the clouds, but it also brought the weight of responsibility. Now, I was no longer making strips just for me and my friends, people from different countries were also seeing me. I was very happy that the public showed me a path to be followed as an artist and I want to follow that path to see what else is good.”