Jenny Hefczyc, a popular German Artist who goes by the name Jenny-Jinya online is known for her comics. She always has something new and heart touching for people. And she is back again with her bittersweet comic.

For her latest comic, Jenny thought of describing an owner’s struggle and emotions when he has to put the dog to sleep in his final moments. Through her skills, Jenny tried to show us how difficult it is for a person to say goodbye to his furry friend whom he loved the most. 

Scroll down to see this comic. Also, let us know what your emotions would be like if you were in the place of the protagonist of this comic. 

“As someone who has loved animals all her life, I naturally had to let many go at some point. I also often take in sick and injured animals, not all of them make it. I always stayed with these animals until the end because it felt natural, like the right thing to do,” Jenny told Bored Panda. “But then a heart-moving letter from a veterinarian went viral, who also asked not to leave pets alone in their final moments. This made me feel additionally confirmed and I wanted to draw about it even more.”

Jenny created another comic that is very powerful emotionally


Give your pet one last great day

About the comic, Jenny told us that it took her longer than required to complete this one. “I saw my own dog in this comic and it was often incredibly difficult for me. I was rarely so relieved that a comic was finished. But I wanted this topic to be talked about more.”

She also said as a pet parent it is our responsibility to give our pet the last day that they deserve because we put them to sleep. “Let it see its friends again, let it eat its favorite food. Let it know it is loved above all else. And then escort it to its last stop, make sure that the last voice it hears is yours.”

With her skills and talent, Jenny has grabbed the attention of so many people. You will be glad to know that the Instagram followers of this talented artist have nearly doubled in the last half a year. 

She further told us that each of her comics is different and requires different time to get completed. And most of the work depends on research work. “I need about a week for the drawing itself though,” she added.

Jenny has always wanted to be an artist

About drawing, Jenny says that she has always wanted to be an artist. “I picked up a pencil when I was a kid and I never stopped scribbling. Yeah, I always wanted to be an artist. I wanted to tell stories and create worlds,” she told us all about her love of art.

But this does not mean that Jenny is always drawing. She takes breaks when needed, gets away from art to recharge and avoid burnout.

“Many small artists are frustrated that they have not yet developed their own style or have not yet found their niche. But that’s okay. That’s something that cannot be rushed,” Jenny gave other artists some advice about finding their own unique styles. “It sounds weird, but let your artistry speak out. Finding your own style and niche is something that takes time to develop. There’s simply no shortcut.”

People thanked Jenny for her comic and agreed with her message that owners should be with their pets in their final moments