Sometimes, we let our imagination float and create something out of the box. Just like this brilliant artist, Haroun Bin did. He has had an interest in the Roman Empire since he was a child. So, he picked a few emperors of the time and used modern AI technology to create something unusual. Scroll down to see and learn more about what he thinks of his creations.

#1 Hadrian

Haroun Binous, a Tunisian-born started to look for the facial reconstruction of the Roman Emporors about a year ago. He told us, that at that time, he did not have any knowledge and understanding about fascial reconstruction. His friend Daniel Voshart, became his inspiration and help.

#2 Augustus

He took 8 months to complete his project that contained 60 images of Roman Emperors and how their reconstruction turned out. He mentioned that it took 3 days to bring one structure to life.

#3 Aurelian

#4 Caracalla

The project completed by the artist is about recreating and fixing his previous errors. He mentioned to us that his main focus had always been H. V. Canter’s “Personal Appearance in the Biography of the Roman Emperors”

#5 Caligulae

#6 Commodus

Haroun pointed out that there was not enough information about 3rd and 4th-century emperors. Therefore, he counted on DNA of the parents available on Artbreeder and the features of the people in the region. This way, he found the most appropriate skin tone, eye colour, and any general appearances to add to his work.

#7 Lucius Verus

#8 Diocletian

#9 Constantine The Great

#10 Julian The Apostate

#11 Marcus Aurelius

#12 Claudius Gothicus

#13 Geta

The artist admitted that Septimius Severus was the most challenging figure to recreate: “When an emperor has a lot of hair and a nice beard, it means a big problem for me as AI does the job well processing the face, but not the curly hair.” The artist also admitted that his favourite is Emperor Augustus, who was the first Roman emperor and puzzles him as a historic figure: “I think he is my idol for what he did and how he was as a person.”

#14 Gordian I

#15 Quintillius

#16 Claudius

#17 Didius Julianus

#18 Macrinus

#19 Tacitus

#20 Severus Alexander

#21 Tiberius

#22 Florianus

#23 Gordian II

#24 Nero

#25 Numerian

#26 Pertinax

#27 Constantius II

#28 Maximinus Thrax

#29 Licinius

#30 Titus