Dogs and humans look-alikes have been a popular topic of discussion and we kinda like it. Don’t we? Oh, yes we do. Since this topic is always in demand, we are sure that you might have seen a few pictures of pets looking like their owners. And it is not a coincidence (at least, we feel so). 

But have you ever seen a similarity between a dog and an ordinary person or a celebrity? If you have not, you will see it today. However, if you have seen it, we still want you to scroll down because we have found some hilarious and amazing doppelganger paradox that will leave you stunned. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and see what we have found for you.

1. I can definitely relate to this!

2. These 2 look like they’ve found each other after years of active searching.

3. My face when I fail at something, but I’m not really surprised anymore:

4. When your dog feels your mood:

5. Monday is a hard day, even if you’re a dog.

6. We love this pious pair.

7. These 2 just made us go “Aww.”

8. Profile photos never fail to impress us.

9. When you and your dog are so cool that it’s hard to not be narcissistic.

10. Another day, another dollar…

11. Tails are back in fashion!

12. Beard goals: Achieved

13. Don’t mess with us.

14. We’re just cute little bunnies after all.

15. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

16. A look that will make anyone tell the truth

17. Their similarity is a little scary.