Have you ever wondered how the ecological issues would have affected famous characters? Well, a self-taught artist, named Baptiste Drausin, a.k.a. The Baptman has thought about it. Also, he illustrated the entire situation perfectly. 

Scroll down to check out his work. 

Wall-E And Politics

Mowgli And Extinct Species

Ariel And Oil Spill

Titanic And Global Warming

The Lion Long And The Hunt

Santa And Global Warning

Donald Duck, Force-Feeding And Foie Gras

Godzilla Against The Plastic

Mary Poppins And Pollution

Dumbo And Mass Tourism

Ariel And The Ocean Trash

The Beast And Animal Experimentation

Winnie The Pooh And Bee’s Extinction

Bambi And Deforestation

Pinocchio And The Plastic

Lilo & Stitch And Plastic Pollution

Snow White And Pesticides

Superman And The Melting Glaciers

Wonder Woman And Mass Tourism

Star Wars