Hello people!

Today we have brought something very amazing for you. It’s a comic strip that perfectly shows the life of pet owners. The name of this talented artist is Beanie and she draws each of her pieces of art very perfectly. 

Oh, and have we mentioned that she doesn’t have a dog or a cat? Yes, that’s right! Even without having a pet herself, she perfectly illustrates hilarious comics about dogs and cats.

Scroll down below for the cute comics!

When you have to work but the dog is just too cute

The tragedy of accidentally stepping on your pet’s paw

4 cute things that dogs do

4 cute things that cats do

When dogs get the zoomies

Cats are mysterious cuddly creatures

Pointing out dogs

Dogs make everything better

You will find me where the dogs are

Dog spotting difficulties

A not-so-subtle hint for a belly rub

Blessed by a cold-nose boop