Life wouldn’t be the same without dogs

Can you imagine having a life without your dog. Once you have a pet in the family, they become a huge part of your life and to not have them around you for some days gives you a feeling of emptiness. Dogs make our world happier, and even though it can be tough sometimes to deal with them, you can’t get over them.

Artist Gemma Gene is popular for her work in drawing, painting and doing illustration.  However, she is most prominently known for her hilarious and adorable comics about living with dogs.

Scroll down top see these hilarious comics that you will certainly relate to if you have a dog at home.


Right here!

Checking out.


Taking photos.

Showing off.

“I missed my pug Mochi so much while I was at work that I started drawing about him on the subway on my way to and back from work,” Gemma wrote.

She shares with everyone the bond between her and her dog that can’t exactly be put into words, instead is better described through a series of cute and funny comics. “I spend all day with Mochi and still draw about him daily.”

Walking over.

Choosing food over love.

Licking everything.

Following everywhere.

Watching them sleep.

Not sleeping without human.


Not taking medicine.

Protecting from invisible ghosts.

Little angel.


Momma’s boy.

Blaming others.

Never staying mad.

Struggles of going for a walk.

Feeling unloved.

Tolerating people.

Squeezing into confined spaces.

Picking your favorite human.

Wanting love 24/7.

Always thinking about food.

Getting chonky.

Running from vacuum cleaner.

Thinking about ancestors.

Cleaning the floor.

Never leaving mommy.

Struggles of going to the vet.

Always staying with human.