Guys, get ready to know about an artist who is known for her thought-provoking art. We are talking about a Spanish artist Selva Aparicio who always tries to bring different social, environmental, and political issues to the light with her work. 

Just like other works, her MFA thesis installation, also known as Childhood Memories, tells the same thing. With this amazing and beautiful art, Selva is trying to expose her own childhood trauma. 

She has actually made a Persian carpet design. But what is a little amusing here is that this carpet is not the traditional carpet that we have in our homes. When you will see this carpet, you will think of it as real but actually, it is made directly into wooden flooring. Yes, you have read that right! 

“I presented this installation as my thesis during my MFA at Yale University,” Aparicio explains to us. “Rugs are typically adorned with sacred gardens and oases, and can be moved around the home. This rug stayed put, quietly participating in years of familial abuse. This installation is about covering and exposing, trauma, and bearing witness.

“My memories are permanently etched, so the soft fabric is represented in hand-carved scars on discarded wood flooring,” Aparicio continues. “I strive to find beauty in the peril and bear witness to the progression of ephemerality-permanence-loss.”

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Artist Selva Aparicio brilliantly transformed a wooden floor for her MFA thesis installation titled Childhood Memories.

She hand-carved an intricately detailed carpet into discarded oak flooring, “weaving” together with a personal tale that is permanently engrained in her memory.