We all love dog comics, don’t we? And why will we not like them? After all, they are so colorful, real-looking, and cute. But maybe it’s not entirely why we like dog comics. 

Today, we have brought an interesting dog comic for you and you are gonna like it. This comic is by Kasey Williams who says that she is ‘a wannabe punk who can make a mean curry’. But we know she is more than that because she has got great artistic skills. She is a professional comic artist and cartoonist who is currently working on Animaniacs at Warner Bros.

Besides this, Kasey also has her own art and comics on the side. And the one that we have brought for you “The Good Boy Report” is from her own comics. The plot is simple: each Friday, Kasey shares her comic of dogs she has spotted that week. 

Her comic is very simple and that is actually the beauty of her series. The Good Boy Report does not have colors or dramatic plot twists but the comic will definitely bring a smile on your face. Scroll down to have a look.


We talked about The Good Boy Report from Kasey to know when and how she has started it. To this, she told us that it was in October of 2018 when she thought about it. What happened was in October there was a challenge going on called Inktober where they draw something in ink each day for fun. She said, “I was doing a journal comic each day, but I quickly realized that being unemployed and stuck at home at the time, I didn’t have a ton of stuff to write and draw about that wasn’t sad-sack-y.” 

“So I drew a page that was just about four dogs I’d spotted that day, giving them captions and trying to focus on their personalities. I posted it on the Facebook group Dogspotting Society, which I’m a huge fan of, and it took off! I make sure each page follows the rules of dogspotting (they’re all dogs I’ve never met before and was not expecting to see), and I post them there as well as on Instagram every Friday.”


Kasey further told us that she doesn’t have to move much to find more and more dogs each day because there are plenty of them in her neighborhood. “I’m lucky to live in a corner of Los Angeles that is a mixture of city and suburban, so it’s open and laid-back enough that people are casually walking around with their dogs, but densely-populated enough that it’s rarely the same neighborhood dogs over and over,” she said. “It is always fun to go out of town and get to see fresh new dogs, though! If I go somewhere interesting, like Hawaii or New York, I usually indicate the Special Location on the specific pages. I try to go to Tokyo each year, and I swear that city has some of the most ridiculously cute and well-styled dogs in the world. My Japan Edition pages are some of my favorites.”


If Kasey gets confused about whether or not she should include a particular dog in her comic series, she follows the simple Dogspotting rule. Kasey explains “that means if I’ve already drawn the dog before, if they’re a dog I know, or if they were in a dog-centric location (i.e. a dog beach, shelter, vet clinic), I don’t draw them.”


“After that, it basically comes down to which dogs I see that have the strongest personalities, which ones I can come up with the best/funniest caption for, and also which ones suit the page the best. I try to consider the pages as full pieces more than just the individual panels, so I think about each one having a “punchline” of sorts. When I write it all out, it seems like so much mental work for silly dog comics, but it’s mostly all subconscious!”

At the moment, Kasey doesn’t have any pets of her own; her apartment doesn’t allow that. And she has never actually had a dog. “I always grew up with cats. I think that might be why I’ve kept going with this webcomic for almost two years though because I’m a huge dog lover who doesn’t get to spend any time with dogs. Any time I cross paths with one, it feels special!”




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