Artist Creates Comics About Dogs That You’ll Relate To If You Have A Dog

Hey, I’m James Buddy the creator of Hey Buddy Comics. I have been drawing cute and adorable doggo comics from the time my furry friend was a pup. I got inspired by the strong connection that I felt for my dog. But sadly, I cannot communicate with him. So I just imagine a conversation that we both would do if he could talk. 

Also, I realized that my art and skills can really entertain people but only when someone could make these boring conversations interesting. And that’s when I found the talented artist “K” who has helped me start a comic series based on the stories. 

Don’t lose your heart if you have not yet seen the comics because they are here in this post. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them. Also, if you want to see more, follow us on Instagram.




















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Written by Ekta Singh

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