Arrested Development Season 5 Netflix release date

When will Arrested Development Season 5 be released on Netflix?
Arrested Development

The Bluths are returning with Arrested Development Season 5 this year. We don’t know if it’s for good or bad, the dysfunctional family is coming back with another eight episodes.

The first part of the fifth season was released in May the previous year after a long break of five years. The story was centered around Lucille Austero’s disappearance. It left the audience with a lot of unanswered questions. And so it is back with another part.

When will Part 2 of Arrested Development Season 5 release?

Arrested Development Season 5 final eight episode will air on 15 March this year. The wait is almost over and the fans will soon get the answers of all their questions.

When will Arrested Development Season 5 be released on Netflix?

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Do we have a trailer for Arrested Development Season 5 Part 2?

There is no trailer for the second part of Arrested Development Season 5 yet. It seems that there isn’t much time left for a trailer now. The audience will get to see the episodes directly.

What to expect from Arrested Development Season 5 Part 2?

The second half will tie a lot of loose ends. All the questions regarding Lucille Austero and is she alive or not will be answered.

We saw in the finale of the mid season that Buster Bluth escaped from prison along with Oscar, his uncle, despite the fact that only eight days were remaining. He was alleged to be responsible for the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend Lucille.

Buster would be seen running from the police in the upcoming part. His pictures with a wanted sign will be posted all around the area. So we can expect a lot happening in this season.

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