The life of a police officer is never easy. They never know how their day would be like. On some days they have to make a tough call whether they should arrest someone for the crime they have committed or simply let them go. The responsibility and job of police officers are to maintain law and order in the country, and if that means taking strict actions, they have no other choice.

When someone refuses to follow the rules, it could lead to something that could forever change their lives.

4 years ago, when Lt. Brian Zach went to work, he did have the slightest idea that he would be meeting a sweet little girl, who would end up becoming her daughter. It was a normal day when officer Zach had gone for his daily routine welfare check. But what he discovered that day changed his life forever.

When Zach arrived for the welfare check, he met a sweet little 2-year-old girl named Kayla. It appeared that she was a victim of child abuse. Zach explained, “She had a skull fracture, brain bleed and dislocated elbow. My heartfelt for this little girl who was covered in bruises. She had a very strong spirit about her.”

Zach took the efforts to remove Kayla from the child abuse situation, but his next step was even more heart touching. He actually volunteered to let Kayla live with him as a foster care placement.  However, he did not imagine that she would live with him for so long. He said, “They said it would only be a couple of weeks to a month until they could find a placement home for her.”

Check out this video to know the details of this heartwarming story about how Zach and Kayla. And how he ended up being her adopted dad.

The decision on adopting Kayla has changed Zach’s life. It has impacted him in a positive way; that now he plans to foster other children in the future. Who knows he might end up adopting more children and change their lives forever.

Did this story surprise you? Did it ever occur to you that a police officer would end up adopting a child he met while at work?

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