Are you having this symptom of lung cancer?

Symptoms of lung cancer are very subtle. This is especially if they are in their initial phases. Moreover, the same is true for all types of cancer. Therefore, in case of any changes that are unexplained, seeing a doctor is a must. Read through to know whether or not you are having symptoms of lung cancer.

Symptoms of cancer

Symptoms of cancer depend upon the type of cancer. Cancer has a wide range of types. Moreover, the symptoms of each differ from that of the other. There are some that are extremely subtle.

However, there are also others that are not. Doctors advise taking health very seriously. They often say that any unexplained changes in the body should not be ignored.

Are you having this symptom of lung cancer?
Source: Net Doctor

One must immediately consult experts. Moreover proper tests and treatments are also a must.

 Is pain a symptom of lung cancer?

Pain can be caused because of several reasons. Some of them can be because of injury. However, pain can also be a symptom of cancer. Yes, cancer can be a cause of that pain in your body which you were neglecting till now.

Are you having this symptom of lung cancer?
Source: Verywell Health

Pain during or because of breathing or coughing should never be neglected. This is because it could be a symptom of lung cancer.

However, this does not mean that all the aches and pains will always be because of cancer. But, it is safer to see an expert.

Other Symptoms

There are also other symptoms of lung cancer. These include a cough. Especially the one that is not cured in two to three weeks.

If the cough is long-standing it gets worse. Moreover, then there is a cough with blood. There can also be chest infections that are persistent.

Apart from this, there are also other symptoms. Breathlessness being one of them. Moreover, the lack of energy and loss of weight and appetite are also some.