The Gravity singer, John Mayer, and Keeping up with the Kardashians star, Kourtney Kardashian, are currently high on rumors.

The rumors about their dating were brewed after the duo were spotted together at a GQ party last year.

There were rumors of John Mayer and Kourtney Kardashian being involved in a romantic relationship, but neither of them has denied or confirmed.

It all started in a Party

John Mayer validated being met and “kinda crashed” with Kourtney Kardashian at a party. He denied the dating rumors though.

John Mayer rolled out details confirming that there was no flirting was involved between them. He said he was just saving Kourtney Kardashian,

 “From being in a video with the bass player from the Scorpions.”

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John Mayer finally responded to the rumours

In a radio interview, John Mayer along with his friend Andy Cohen addressed the dating speculations. He said,

 “Yeah, that happens not to be true.”

John Mayer was then quick to explain that he has nothing against the famous Kardashian family;

 “I got to be honest with you, little suspicious about the origin of the story. I’m not sure the calls are not coming from inside the house on this one. I will say, if the call is coming from inside the house, it’s diabolical and genius.”

Another shocking revelation by John Mayer


The singer reportedly is not into dating Hollywood stars anymore,

“I just think I’m a post-celebrity relationship, probably, in my life,

John Mayer also referred to previous paparazzi coverage of the rumored couple together,

“When people start gossiping about you and someone else, and they start putting your picture together, it gets real suggestive.”

He added,

“You’re like, ‘Well if I do then everything kind of falls into place because everyone is already putting us together.’ So, it’s a genius idea.”

Well, least one can do is to hope for the couple to be a real thing.

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