Apple is one of the biggest companies in the technology space. It has been the target of the malicious actors for years; the newest ones being Applecare calls.

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Apple has warned its iPhone users to not to answer any call from Apple unless the user has explicitly requested the Applecare calls from the official online support page.

This warning came after many users reported being duped to giving up their iCloud passwords. Users suggest sophisticated social engineering attacks.

What is Social Engineering?

The psychological manipulation of people to get confidential information is termed as social engineering.

AppleCare Calls: The Scam

The phone calls are simple phishing attacks which have been used in the past. However, these phone calls were not very successful because of the awareness in the people.

Applecare calls: The Scam

So these scammers have started to use the called-ID spoofing techniques so that they can impersonate the real phone number of the service, in this case, Apple Customer Care.

The scammers are able to win the trust of their target since users see the phone number of AppleCare with the logo when they receive the call.

The type of call can vary. However, all of them follow the same theme. They suggest a data breach or a bad case of hacking. It follows a request for the iCloud password.

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Apple warns it users to beware of the Applecare calls

Apple’s Stand on the Scam

Apple’s support hand on Twitter got a huge number of tweets from iPhone users. These users are concerned about distinguishing the fake versus genuine calls.

The response of the company has been the same:

Your security is our top priority please follow the link to read this article.


Applecare calls: Apple's Stand on the Scam

The article mentions that Apple will never ask you for any credentials related to the Apple account.

Apple’s brand value, when combined with sophisticated call spoofing, can be leveraged harmfully.