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Apple vs Android: The War Gets Interesting, Tim Cook Admits Falling iPhone Sales

Apple vs Android Sales War

Apple vs Android Tim Cook

Apple vs Android is among the most interesting rivalries in the world of technology. Over the years, there has been a battle for the smartphone market share – and Apple has always managed to put up a good fight. However, this time around, things look a little different. CEO Tim Cook, during Apple’s Q4 earnings, admitted that sales numbers have been falling.

Apple Losing the Apple vs Android Battle?

Apple vs Android Earnings CallApple, for the first time in 18 years, recorded a drop in their year-on-year Q4 revenue. The last time such a thing had happened was in 2001, much before the iPhone was launched. Apple vs Android intensifies as Samsung, Google, as well as a number of China-based brands, have been coming out with a number of phones which are eating away Apple’s market share.

During Q4 2017, Apple had registered revenues of $88.4 Billion. However, during Q4 2018 – the revenue has dropped to $84.3 Billion (down by $1.1 Billion). This number is an embarrassment to the firm as Apple had estimated revenues of $89-93 Billion for Q4 2018. Apple needs to up the ante if they need to fight their way back into the Apple vs Android battle.

CEO Tim Cook Admits Sales are Down

Apple CEO Tim Cook, unarguably one of the most powerful men in tech, humbly accepted the fact that Apple sales are down. Cook stated that the sales are down by 15% compared to 2017.

Apple vs Android iPhone Price

When asked by analyst Steve Milunovich if the price of the iPhones is a factor affecting the sales numbers, Cook replied: “Yes, I do think the price is a factor.” Cook was rather upfront about this.

However, Tim Cook also added that another reason is that carrier subsidies are disappearing from the markets. In the past, users would get iPhones at subsidized rates due to the carriers – and the lack of these subsidies is a major factor in modern markets.

Apple vs Android iPhone Sales

As Apple vs Android battle continues, do you think Apple will consider slashing their prices? Comment below and let us know! 

Source: AndroidAuthority, 9to5Mac 

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