Apple has always been struggling with their Maps accuracy. Unlike Google Maps, Apple Maps are not at all reliable. To establish their reliable navigation, Google has done years of hard work by using Street View Trekkers and other similar gears. There were mainly used in those areas where cars were unable to provide complete or correct data. This enabled Google to track down pedestrian paths also.

And now Apple has come up with a similar idea. In a series of photos posted by Former Engadget writer, Dante Cesa, an Apple Maps worker is shown carrying a backpack on the streets of San Francisco. His backpacks is full of gadgets which look like mainly Cameras, LiDAR Sensors etc. This could only mean one thing, and MacRumors too speculated that Apple is collecting data for pedestrian directions.

Apple has enhanced its navigation in iOS 12, but the on-foot information is still unavailable. The pedestrian information will be included for North California by the fall and it will be interesting to see how well Apple captures it.
Source- Engadget