Tumblr suddenly disappeared from the apple application store and it has reported the reason saying because of the child pornography, Tumblr was removed. From 16th November onwards the application is been missing from the Apple Store.

Though they have mentioned the reason, yet there is no concrete and official reason been informed. Tumblr has said that it is working to sort out the issue with the Apple store. Later, Download.com has approached the site called Tumblr and claimed child pornography was the reason and it was confirmed by the social media owned by Yahoo.

Tumblr has replied to this blame and officially made announcement that before they upload every image, they ensure that all material related to child sexual abuse will be scanned against the database. Then they filter the bunt images by performing the audit routinely which will bring out the images those are found absent in the database. This process will allow the details to get slipped through the method of filtering.

When the content was found, Tumblr has immediately removed from it site after which only they have found out that the application was unavailable in the Apple Application store. It was been noted that Tumblr had an attitude towards NSFW and the content related to the adults which were previously been the sources for banning the site in Indonesia.

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Yet, the matter is completely different because it is related to child pornography. Already guidelines have been given to Tumblr by the Apple and it clearly says that Tumblr should have a filter related to content and screen out materials against the guidelines before it gets uploaded.

But, the existing system of Tumblr does not meet up the standard expected out of it. Tumblr has promised that they would be reinstated sooner with Apple.

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