MacBook Pro 2019 recall battery issue

The Cupertino tech giant has announced a recall of its MacBook Pro due to potential hazardous batteries that may overheat and cause a fire.

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The issue has affected a limited number of MacBook Pro devices, but it has been the fifth recall of MacBook which Apple claims is the best notebook.

Will this recall affect your MacBook Pro?

According to the support page of Apple, the recall will affect 15-inch MacBook Pros equipped with Retina display.

The MacBook has to be sold between Sept 2015 and Feb 2017. If you brought your MacBook in this period, then you are eligible for free battery replacement.

MacBook Pro 2019 Issue

Consumers who are affected by this recall can visit the Apple support page.

MacBook Pro: Series of Recalls

The MacBook Pro has troubled its users for a long time, but all of it started when users started to complain about the new butterfly switches used in the keyboard.

People reported that the keyboard does not register keypress or types a letter two times when a key is pressed. Apple took months to fix the issue as it started a keyboard service program.

On June 27, 2018, Apple announced that it would replace the faulty batteries in 13-inch MacBook Pro. This recall didn’t get much attention from the media.

On Nov 12, 2018, Apple announced another replacement program for 13-inch MacBook Pro. There were some Macs that had data loss issue due to the failure of Solid State drive.

Apple has to recall some Mac’s in April when it found out that adapters put the users at risk.

Final Thoughts

Even though Apple claims that a limited number of users are affected it is still significant because Apple sold 18 million MacBook in 2018 alone.

MacBook Pro

Apple needs to step up their quality checks and avoid issues like this because they are charging a premium for its devices.