Apple is coming up with a new over the ear headphones that fans have been demanding since so many years. The details about the new audio accessory have been leaked via iOS 14 code snippets which has also revealed a lot of information about other upcoming Apple products.

The Cupertino based tech company is all set to launch a new high-end Bluetooth headphone which will have certain features similar to the AirPods. Many tech sites are calling these headphones as AirPods X Generation and here are more details on the features, colors, variants and release date of the new wireless over-ear Apple headphones.

Apple’s Over-Ear Headphones Color Variants Confirmed

Apple's Over-Ear Headphones Color Variants Confirmed

Apple has plans to launch a new pair of headphones that they have never done before, aimed at gamers and people who love music. The iOS 14 code leaks show two icons representing two versions of the Apple over-ear headphones. The two icons for Apple AirPods X means that it will come in 2 colors: a light color variant and a dark color variant.

While the lighter color variant will have dark ear cushions, the darker color variant will have light ear cushions. It is still not clear what the color the headphones will feature and speculations are saying black, space gray and white. Apple could also use other colors for the rumored AirPods X Gen, which will be a nice change of pace over white AirPods and AirPods Pro.

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Apple’s Over-Ear Headphones Features and Release Date

Apple's Over-Ear Headphones Features and Release Date

Apple over-ear headphones will be similar to the Beats products in terms of features and also incorporate some of AirPods’ features. It is reported that the AirPods X Gen will have the ability to automatically pause the music when the headphones are removed and resume playback when they are put up back again.

The new headphones will most probably have a wireless charger similar to Beats headphones and provide greater sound isolation and audio experience. Apple’s over-ear headphones (AirPods X) will release in the second half of 2020 along with a slew of other Apple products.

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