Apple the smartphone overlord recently stretched its leg and entered into the already-jammed arena of streaming adversaries. The Cupertino based company is now eyeing to take on the likes of Netflix and Amazon with this new move. Keep reading our text below to find out who the real in this Apple vs Netflix streaming battle.

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Apple after releasing their very own first credit card the company is now venturing into the online streaming space.

Apple has a lot going in their favor they have the reach nearly 1.5 billion people use Apple devices. Companies goodwill is at a respectable position so taking on the big guns won’t be much of a problem.

Sally Edgar, a UK based consultant had said this on this new move by Apple
“Companies will increasingly be about subscription services. I think they have to do it to survive.”

Apple vs Netflix

Tim Bajarin, tech industry analyst believes that foray into different business models is necessary to regulate the constant flow of money. He also stated that “Apple is becoming an aggregator of content. They now have various services that will help them grow their bottom line.”

“If you look at just the raw number of users, Apple has just as good of an opportunity to be a leader as Netflix. It’s going to be one of those two,”


Apple vs Netflix: The Originals

Netflix is king when it comes to original titles they have a wide mix of originals and licensed TV shows and movies.
Apple, on the other hand, is still new in this regard they have a small set of exclusive content but Apple does say “new additions every month” will be provided.

Apple vs Netflix: The price

The pricing for Apple’s new streaming service is unknown but it is said to be priced around Netflix’s monthly subscription plans. Apple needs a solid pricing strategy to compete with the streaming giant.
Netflix recently upped their plans and now cost more. Netflix HD plan is currently $9. The 4K plan goes for $16.

This is very early to judge whether Apple poses any threads but judging from the quality of original content and features Apple has a lot of catching up to do.