Apple is expected to launch its latest lineup of phones next year. However, a news report from Bloomberg suggests that the new phones iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR will not feature 5G.

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Reports suggest that has yet to finalize its stance about the 5G modems on its phones. Apple has used Qualcomm network chips for a long time but recent legal disputes have put this to an end.

Legal Feud with Qualcomm

In 2011 Apple started to use Qualcomm’s network chips on their devices. Apple agreed to pay for chips as well as the licensing fees on the chips for the patents in return Qualcomm agreed to provide $1 billion dollars in annual rebate.

Apple Qualcomm

In the end, both companies dismissed their lawsuits against each other as Apple agreed to pay an unknown amount to Qualcomm.


Future of the 5G iPhones

According to the reports Apple is going to miss out on the 5G hardware when operators roll out the network in 2020.

Currently, Apple has 3 options to choose from:

Till now Qualcomm has been the networking partner for Apple but recent lawsuits have put the collaboration in the back seat. The dispute was so serious that Apple junked the Qualcomm hardware for all iPhones manufactured in 2018.

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Apple can look towards Samsung for the hardware, the Cupertino giant already uses display panel and fabrication services of Samsung.

The third option for Apple is Intel whose 4G modems were not up to the standard of Qualcomm. The industry is already speculating about the capabilities of Intel’s 5G modem.

Huawei has also launched their 5G modem but the recent investigation suggests it is involved in spying.

Even though Apple is very capable of developing its own 5G modem. However, the technical and engineering difficulties will not help in meeting the deadline of 2020.