It looks like all is not well with the Apple iPhone iOS 16 update released not too long ago. A plethora of Twitter users is complaining about the abysmal battery life, lags, and several other issues plaguing their iPhones ever since they downloaded and installed the latest update.

As strange as it may sound, it looks like iPhone iOS 16 update wasn’t properly tested at Apple’s labs. While most of the users haven’t reported any issues with their update, more than a fair share of users are sharing their ordeal on Twitter.

No service/WiFi problem

Low battery life after update

Apps crashing or not working properly

iPhone frozen/bricked

While there has been no official confirmation from Cupertino, the iPhone update problems seem to be more of a worldwide issue than a location-centric one. In our extensive research, we found users from all around the globe complaining about the update and the long list of issues that it has brought with itself.

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What’s the solution? Can we roll back the iOS 16 update?

Unfortunately, all iPhone updates are permanent. There’s no official way of reverting back to your previous version of iOS, even if the current version falls short of your expectations. The only solution at the moment would be to share bug reports with Apple and hope the Cupertino-based giant fixes these issues as soon as possible.

Apple iPhone iOS 16 Update

We’ve reached out to Apple regarding this but so far we’re yet to hear back from them. At the point of posting this article, there haven’t been any updates on Apple’s official blog regarding the buggy iPhone iOS 16 update either.

For the uninitiated, the iOS 16 update was specially made with keeping iPhone 14 lineup in mind but is compatible with all the iPhones up to iPhone 8 Plus. Yes, that includes the SE variants of the device too.

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