Apple iPhone 12 will come up with a lot of cool new features and upgrades but they need to do something out of the box. The little tweaks and camera upgrades won’t do much which is why Apple is planning some big changes.

The Cupertino based tech giant is working for years to develop an iPhone which works while totally submerged underwater. The new patent leaks from Apple suggest iPhone 12 could have an underwater mode that will allow the device to work fine inside deep waters.

Apple New Patent for Underwater Mode

Apple New Patent for Underwater Mode

The new patent submitted at the US Patent and Trademark Office by Apple hints that the company is looking to develop a simple interface for iPhones when they are submerged in water. The new patent will use technologies that can detect when a device is under water and will respond accordingly. The iPhone users have to tap certain areas of the screen for carrying out different functions but it won’t be easy once the device is under the water surface.

It is why Apple is working on a simple interface that can be used when the iPhone is submerged underwater. The patent explains about an underwater indicator which will detect the presence of water and change the interface of the iPhone device. There will be different tap options for using Camera, flashlight and such other required functions. It is not clear whether the patent will be used in the upcoming iPhone 12 or Apple is saving it for the future iPhones.

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Apple iPhone 12 to Work in Water?

Apple iPhone 12 to Work in Water

Apple iPhone 12 will have the basic water-resistant feature and even might have an improved tolerance factor. The patent mentions a totally new interface and underwater mode for iPhones which can easily take some time for practical applications. There are good chances that iPhone 12 works underwater but not every patent makes it to the products and Apple users should just wait for more information.

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