Apple iOS 14 could bring a lot of change for the iPhone and iPad users along with some new features. There are rumors that the Cupertino based tech giant will finally allow its mobile users to choose third-party apps as default for browsing the internet, checking emails, listening to songs and more. As per the reports, iOS 14 will allow third-party apps like Chrome, Gmail, Firefox, Outlook and more to be used as default in Apple iPhones.

iOS 14 New Features: Third-Party Apps can be used to Browse, Text and Mail

iOS 14 New Features Third-Party Apps can be used to Browse and Mail

Apple has known to be pretty strict in terms of choosing apps and iPhones and iPads are exclusive to the pre-installed apps in the devices. The Cupertino giant has not allowed its users to use third-party apps for default in any sort of application. But that will be changed soon as iOS 14 is reported to come within a few months and the update will allow the settings. As per the reports, Apple is already discussing to bring the major change in its upcoming software update.

If that happens with iOS 14, iPhone and iPad users can choose apps of their preference other than the developer ones to open internet links, check emails and even send messages. Apple iOS users until now have been restricted to use Safari for web browsing and handles email with their Mail app. But very soon iOS 14 will be able to use other apps such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox or the actual app developed for the email service they use such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook and more. It also means that Apple iOS 14 features will allow Siri-activated speakers to connect with Spotify using the HomePod.

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iOS 14 Release Date and Beta Version

iOS 14 Release Date and Beta Version

Apple iOS 14 is expected to be launched at the upcoming WWDC 2020 event in the first week of June this year. The software update will be made live to the Apple developers attending the conference and the beta iOS 14 version will also be rolled out to selective iPhone and iPad users. As for the full iOS 14 launch, fans could expect the same to happen in September 2020 annual event along with the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 launch.

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