There has been slangs and sayings on the internet that Apple is just following the footsteps of Google. And with the new Apple patent, the sayings are just coming true.

Appleinsider revealed that with the new Apple patent, the iPhone users are finally going to get some relief from the continuous disturbance which they get from the spam calls.

As Appleinsider describes the new patent, Apple will try to analyze and work out a statistics to determine whether the incoming calls are legitimate and masked. Their algorithm will also identify the fake internet calls which hide behind a spoofer caller ID.

But Google is already a master in the area. Google Pixel phones are marking up spam calls as soon they come in. It is even getting one step ahead with Pixel 3, which would not only identify the spammers, but will actually answer and screen out questionable calls. This will enable the user to block and report the number for spam. And yes, this is still just on the patent of Apple, so we have still no guarantee whether it will be implemented or not.

Source- The Verge