Apple Car has been the subject of leaks and rumours for years now. While the Cupertino giant has been mostly silent about the matter, there are a certain things we can expect from Apple’s EV.

Over the years, we’ve associated Apple with computers, tablets, music players and smartphones. However, the trillion dollar IT behemoth is working on a secret ‘Project Titan’ which is likely to result in the release of the first Apple Car!

Apple Car EV Self Driven Project Titan
Image DetroitBureau

Yes, Apple is working towards developing an automobile division and is likely to introduce self-driving cars. Let us take a closer look into everything that we know about the Apple Car so far and what we can expect from it in the future.

Apple Car: What is Project Titan?

Project Titan is the name given to the collective research that is happening over Apple’s self-driving vehicles as well as other versions of the Apple Car. Apple’s Bob Mansfield and Doug Field (former-Tesla) are heading Project Titan. Another ex-Tesla and ex-Microsoft employee, Andrew Kim has joined Apple and he is likely to help the company with the design of their car.

Apple Car Electric Vehicle
Image Computerworld

While there are other major firms such as Tesla which are working towards similar projects, Apple intends to launch a self-driven family-van, which will be the company’s first car. This Apple car is expected to launch by 2023.

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More Details on the Apple Car

As of now, there are no concrete details available about Apple’s automobile plans. The car will definitely be an Electric Vehicle (EV) but whether or not it would be a self-driven car is up for debate.

Apple Car Self Driven Car
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Reports from New York Times claim that Apple is currently testing their Apple Car inside their campus to drive their employees from building to building. This is something similar to what Google is doing with Project Waymo.