Apple AR Glasses

Apple AR Glasses Features

Apple AR Glasses will soon become a reality and joins the ranks of Apple accessories like Apple Watch and Apple Airpods.

The report came after the leak of patent filing which suggests that Apple is working on Apple AR Glasses. Cupertino tech giant even held secret meetings regarding the supplies.

Apple AR Glasses Release Date

The Patent filing on April 19 detailed the working of the Apple AR Glasses. It mentioned that the Apple AR glass will use iPhone to process and generate tactical holographic images. The patent further explained about the gesture control which will utilize accelerometer to detect head motion.

Apple AR Glasses: Expected Features

According to the filings, the Apple AR Glasses will be able to detect chewing, blinking, smiling, eyebrow-raising, jaw movement, mouth, and head gestures.

Apple AR

Apple AR Glasses: Expected Hardware

There is no clear indication about the hardware that Apple will use to sync the Apple AR Glasses to the iPhone.

If Apple follows its core design principles then the glasses will be designed in a way to blend with the fashion and daily lifestyle.

Apple AR Glasses Price

A render suggest a soft leather case and support for wireless charging.

Apple AR Glasses: Price

Current AR products like Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap One are both have a price tag above $2000. However, it should be noted that these products are targeted at business and organizations.

A report by Nikkei Asian Review suggests that Apple Supplier Quanta Computer have hinted a price tag of $1000.

Apple AR Glasses: Launch Date

There is no official confirmation about the launch date of the AR Glasses and it is possible could junk the whole project.

However famous Apple Analyst Kuo suggests that the mass production of the Apple AR Glasses will begin in 2019.

The Apple AR Glass will hit the market shelves in early to mid-2020.

Written by Ajay

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